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We offer services as an advertising agency in online tele-marketing. does not have any employment relationship with the people announced, it is limited to online publication and telemarketing. Juliette Models is considered one of the best VIP luxury escort agencies in the world. Agency is an Internet web portal in which we publish independent and private escort girls, interested in offering their time as VIP high-class escorts, in any city in the world.

It is essential to be pretty and have a good physique, other characteristics will also be taken into account such as natural demeanour, suitable clothing, confidence, English punctuality, cultured conversation, being open, being discreet, and above all, wanting to publish consciously, voluntarily and on their own initiative.


• Encounters

We offer you the opportunity to meet high class gentlemen who are interested in knowing you intimately with the limitations you want, meetings in any city, dinners, trips, hotels, suites, etc. You always have the last word, in accepting the proposals of the gentlemen.
We update your agenda-calendar on the web following your instructions
, we manage advertising, we do all the monitoring with total discretion, for the satisfaction of all parties, all endorsed by the Juliette Models Agency with a history of recognised national and international prestige.

• Profitability

We are fortunate to have a regular client base, Spanish, and from other countries.

Unlike other agencies, at Juliette Models we offer you our online advertising and tele-marketing service, so your profitability is much higher, even if we take agencies with higher rates as a reference, and if you prefer it is also possible customise your rates, from € 200. € 300. € 400. Or more, it is a matter of evaluating your personal profile.
You can combine days and hours with your usual activity, you do not have to be in any place, you decide the days and hours you would be available.

• Photo Book

At Juliette Models all the photographs are current and genuine, you decide to what degree you want us to cover the face, we understand that a high-level Lady (VIP luxury escort) cannot show her face on the Internet due to personal discretion, social implications, work and family, for which we blur the face, allowing a partial and subtle glimpse in some of the photos, so that they have an idea of ​​your appearance, although we have no objection to completely cover your face, it is your decision.

If you do not have photographs, we can arrange a photo session to make your book with professional photographers.


If you want us to promote you as a VIP luxury escort at Juliette Models, completely voluntarily and on your own initiative, you have to meet a series of basic requirements, of course we will offer you our general advice at all times.

* Be between 19 and 45 years old

* College or university education

* Outgoing and charming character

* Be attractive and have a good physique

* Liberal in sexuality

* Athletic

* Elegant and discreet

* A good level of English or other languages ​​is valued.

It is essential to be attractive in the face, since we offer for personal discretion to blur the face in the photos, but on the logical condition that you have an indisputably beautiful face.


If you are interested and meet the requirements, we hope that you will send us the following information by e-mail, or with the form that you will see below, your personal data and photographs will be treated with complete confidentiality.

Name or pseudonym / Age / Nationality / Contact phone / E-mail / Body measurements / Languages ​​you speak Any recent photo / Days and times you prefer us to call you, and any comments you wish to express.
We will contact you to answer any questions and arrange a personal interview if it is of your interest, if you prefer you can also call me directly at +34 691 682 609 , Katerina


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